Behind the Smile – The Trauma & Psychological Well being Report


Kevin Breel is a Canadian comic, author, and psychological well being advocate. In his TedTalk, “Confession of a Depressed Comedian,” he bravely opens up about his struggles with psychological well being, shedding mild on the silent battle many face. Via his candid storytelling and compelling talks, Breel strives to interrupt down psychological well being stigma. Breel talks about dwelling two lives—one that everybody sees and one other that solely he experiences.

He begins by sharing the 2 sides of his life: “There’s the life that everybody sees, after which there’s the life that solely I see.” Breel, often called a slapstick comedian, reveals that past the grins and laughter, he grapples intensely with despair. His message revolves round the necessity to discuss overtly about psychological well being.

“Actual despair is being unhappy when all the pieces in your life goes proper,” he states, difficult the widespread perception that despair is nearly feeling down throughout robust occasions. Breel needs individuals to grasp the actual battle, emphasizing that it’s extra than simply disappointment.

Breel discusses the worldwide affect of despair: “Each 30 seconds, someplace, somebody on this planet takes their very own life due to despair.” He factors out that regardless of its prevalence, despair stays a silent concern. Not often mentioned on social media or within the information.

Breel addresses the stigma round psychological well being, acknowledging the worry that retains individuals from searching for assist: “It’s the stigma inside others, it’s the disgrace, it’s the embarrassment.” He highlights the judgment and misunderstanding that always encompass these affected by despair, stopping them from reaching out.

The comic shares a private battle with suicidal ideas, emphasizing that even somebody who appears profitable on the surface could also be combating a hidden battle. He urges individuals to talk up: “We have to communicate up and shatter the silence. We have to be those who’re courageous for what we imagine in.”

Breel concludes with a message of hope, stating, “We’re individuals, and now we have issues. We’re not good, and that’s okay.” He encourages self-acceptance and mutual assist, emphasizing that acknowledging one’s struggles is an indication of power.

Kevin Breel delivers an important message in regards to the significance of discussing psychological well being overtly. By sharing his personal experiences, he goals to interrupt the silence surrounding despair, urging everybody to be understanding and supportive. The discuss is a name to create a world the place individuals really feel okay to speak about their struggles.

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