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Should you’ve ever struggled to discover a second of peace and tranquility within the hustle and bustle of your every day life and been unable to take action – you understand the sheer scale of the chaos. That is precisely the place Zen meditation is available in! 

Guided Zen meditation is your go-to system for sustaining your internal calm whereas managing your life as a social butterfly. It’s your secret to having the much-needed moments of respite and tranquility when every part else in your life appears to go haywire, and also you wrestle to search out the time to breathe.

However what’s so outstanding about Zen meditation?

Aren’t there numerous (we’ve got already misplaced monitor) totally different types of meditation on the market?

Effectively, for starters, Guided Zen meditation is among the oldest and most practiced types of meditation in historic Buddhist custom. And after we say outdated, we imply someplace round 1500 years outdated. 

Traditionally used extensively as a wellness method to heart one’s thoughts, Zen or Zazen meditation has now been linked to constructive advantages for these coping with trauma, loneliness, and habit. 

On this weblog submit, we’ll dive deeper into what zazen meditation is, its varieties, and its advantages. We may even have a look at analysis and science-backed proof to establish the significance of the observe. Let’s dive in!

What Is Zazen Meditation?

zen meditation

Zazen is a meditation method that primarily arises from the Zen Buddhist traditions. It’s used to outline varied types of sitting meditation. Whereas the official definition varies amongst totally different colleges of thought, Zazen meditation is accepted as a quiet Buddhist meditation practiced in a sitting posture resembling a lotus. 

It may be accomplished utilizing varied strategies, together with:

  • following the breath (anapanasati), 
  • mentally repeating a phrase (a mantra), and 
  • a type of mindfulness the place the individual is conscious of every part that involves their consideration (silent illumination or shikantaza).

Zazen’s observe advanced from Lord Buddha’s teachings in 463 BC. It was lastly launched to the Western world by folks from the Himalayas. 

Within the Western tradition, Zazen meditation is deemed synonymous with mindfulness meditation. Each practices are characterised by their capacity to assist an individual detach from their internal turmoil, which is the set off for stress and nervousness

What Is The Goal Of Zen Meditation?

As a major type of meditation, the principle purpose of Zazen is to arrange the thoughts for mindfulness and easy observing. 

Moreover, Zazen goals to assist folks:

  • develop a sense of laser focus with out being distracted by a number of unimportant ideas,
  • perceive the impermanence of your unfavorable ideas and never allow them to overwhelm your thoughts or cloud your judgment,
  • assess and personal the affect of your ideas and actions,
  • study to face your painful and uncomfortable feelings relatively than run away from them,
  • domesticate internal compassion,
  • search stability in each facet of life, and
  • detach from unhealthy compulsions like poisonous relationships, addictions, and so on. 

Varieties Of Zazen Meditation Methods

Zazen meditation

Zazen is split into 5 major varieties, relying on their distinctive traits and benefits. Let’s dive deeper into every of them.

1. Bompu Zen

Bompu, within the literal sense, means unusual. Thus, Bompu Zen is the most typical sort of Zazen meditation observe and is supposed for anybody. Even untrained people or these seeking to begin meditation for the primary time can observe it. It’s mainly about attaining psychological stability whereas straying away from distractions and temptations

The next types of meditation will be thought-about Bompu Zen:

2. Gedo Zen

Gedo interprets to exterior, which means it covers all meditation practices exterior conventional Buddhist customs. It additionally refers to larger-than-life life experiences and is closely tied to non secular and religious references. As an alternative of Buddhis, Gedo Zen is extra linked to Hindu Yoga practices. It additionally incorporates Christian sitting practices, thereby not totally accepting Zazen however mere elements of it. 

Godo Zen is used to develop expertise and powers that aren’t available to an everyday individual. The ultimate intent is to succeed in a stage of self-awareness and realization that’s normally exterior of human talents.

3. Shojo Zen

Shojo actually interprets to a small automobile. The observe is used to maneuver from the state of phantasm to final enlightenment. It’s referred to as a small automobile as a result of it’s meant for one individual solely. It believes that you’re chargeable for your personal journey and internal peace.

This one of many forms of Zen meditation methods is used to course of and perceive the reason for your struggling. It goals that will help you discover your internal conflicts by dissociating your self from the world. 

Subsequently, the Shojo Zen meditation method is for individuals who consider in twin actuality and look at themselves as separate from the world.

4. Daijo Zen

The Daizo Zen meditation method is thought to be essentially the most vital sort of Zen meditation. It’s the purest of Buddhist meditation methods and has remained linked to the precise teachings of Lord Buddha.  

Not like Shojo Zen, this one of many forms of Zen meditation doesn’t detach you from the remainder of the world. It, as a substitute, teaches you that you’re an inseparable a part of the world. The world impacts you in the identical manner your actions affect everybody and every part round you. This realization results in higher empathy and compassion. It helps you construct higher relationships not simply with others however your self.

5. Saijojo Zen

The Saijojo Zen meditation method is taken into account one of the vital selfless types of meditation. It’s because the aim of the sort of Zen meditation is to not obtain something or come to a higher realization. 

The precise objective of Saijojo meditation is to deliver you nearer to the essence of nature. You solely focus in your actions and don’t have any expectations from the outcomes. It’s the observe of performing meditation only for the sake of it and not using a hidden motive. 

What Are The Advantages Of Zen Meditation?

Guided Zen meditation gives a number of advantages which were explored over time by a number of researchers and practitioners.

A case research printed by Frontiers in 2022 measured the standard of lifetime of 30 meditation practitioners together with a randomized management group. Varied strategies, together with questionnaires and telomerase enzyme stage checks (a marker of ageing), have been used to evaluate the standard of lifetime of each teams. On the finish of the research, wholesome ageing and improved high quality of life have been discovered within the group of seasoned meditators. 

One other 2020 research discovered a number of advantages of Zen meditation in emotional processing. As per PLOS One, individuals who usually practiced Zazen processed feelings quicker and have been much less inclined to the hostile results of unfavorable feelings.

Different potential advantages of Zen meditation embody the next:

How To Really Do Zen Meditation?

zen meditation

Now that we’ve got ventured into what zen meditation is, its varieties, and its advantages, it’s time to get to the how of the query. How you can do Zen meditation?

Effectively, for starters, it’s one thing you can completely observe from the consolation of your private home. So, no fancy meditation retreats are required. Listed below are a couple of fundamentals that may make it easier to get began the fitting manner. 

1. Set the stage.

  • Discover the fitting place. For Zazen, having a quiet place to take a seat with out disturbances is extraordinarily vital. Furthermore, guarantee that the area just isn’t too darkish or vivid. Make sure that it has optimum temperature situations. 
  • Put on free and cozy clothes. 
  • Keep away from working towards Zazen in the event you haven’t appropriately rested the day prior to this or are emotionally exhausted. 
  • Wash your face to really feel refreshed earlier than the observe. 

2. Set the fitting posture.

To observe guided Zen meditation, it’s good to be sitting in an upright posture. If doable, sit along with your again towards the wall. This posture provides you correct consciousness of your physique and environment. You’ll be able to sit in both a full-lotus or half-lotus place. Should you can’t sit like that, simply sitting in your heels or a chair along with your ft firmly on the ground would do.

3. Respiratory.

Most practitioners don’t concentrate on their breaths whereas working towards guided Zen meditation. Right here’s what you are able to do:

  • Take deep breaths one after the other and exhale slowly via a small opening of your mouth.
  • As soon as at a relaxed stage, breathe via your nostril at a tempo that feels snug to you.
  • Finally, stray your focus away from respiratory. 

4. Right here’s what to do along with your arms, eyes, and ideas. 

  • Preserve your imaginative and prescient unfocused, and eyes solid downward.
  • Put each your arms on prime of one another and open them in a lotus place in entrance of your stomach button. Or, you possibly can merely put the again of your palms in your thighs whereas sitting within the full-lotus place.
  • Preserve your ideas targeted on the observe relatively than fixating them on an object.


Guided Zazen meditation method is among the oldest and most sought-after types of meditation in Western tradition in the present day. It helps folks study extra about themselves and the world round them.

We hope this entire information on Zazen meditation will encourage you to observe your first session straight away!

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