World Autism Consciousness Week 2023: Busting The Myths

It’s 2023. We’re making large strides in equality and understanding. We’re extra conscious and knowledgeable about points, each scientific and social, within the final ten years than we’ve ever been. Nevertheless, even with this info and consciousness, the phrase ‘autism’ often paints a flawed and stereotyped picture within the minds of individuals. 

Think about being in a world that tells you one thing is flawed with you – in the way you behave, understand the world, do issues, and really feel feelings. That is the cruel actuality of individuals with autism. 

Autism is a neurodevelopmental dysfunction that often begins round childhood and impacts folks throughout totally different genders, ethnicities, and lessons. It’s usually characterised by challenges in communication, repetitive behaviors, and social interplay. 

Autism spectrum issues are extremely misunderstood within the widespread narrative, typically creating an unsupportive setting for these residing with them. Consciousness about autism hardly ever proceeds past a fundamental understanding and is commonly sure by stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions. 

World Autism Consciousness Week is marked yearly from twenty seventh March to 2nd April to focus on the challenges folks with autism face of their each day lives. First acknowledged by United Nations, the World Autism Consciousness Week is now a world occasion that goals to interrupt down stigmas surrounding the situation and assist folks acquire an understanding of what residing with autism really is. All through the week, folks world wide come collectively to construct a extra inclusive and empathetic society that ensures each particular person with autism leads a significant life.

To develop into part of World Autism Consciousness Week, allow us to have a look at among the most widespread myths about autism and perceive easy methods to transfer away from them with details. 

World Autism Awareness Week

Busting Myths About Autism 

#Delusion 1: Individuals with autism are impassive.

The widespread stereotype is that individuals with autism are usually impassive and can’t categorical any emotion correctly. It’s believed that individuals with autism are considerably like Star Trek’s Spock – logical and analytical however completely impassive. 

Individuals with autism are inclined to expertise feelings in a different way. However that doesn’t imply that they lack feelings altogether. It’s true that they may wrestle with naming their feelings or have problem expressing their feelings in a method that different folks can simply perceive. Additionally they face challenges in understanding the feelings of different folks. Nevertheless, this positively doesn’t forbid folks with autism from experiencing totally different feelings like every other individual. 

#Delusion 2: Individuals with autism can not dwell independently and must be institutionalized.

It is not uncommon for the mainstream narrative to label folks with autism as non-functional, disabled, or extremely depending on others for his or her existence. Within the movie Rain Man (1988), Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), an individual with autism, is put into an establishment by his mother and father out of concern for the security of his youthful brother. This portrayal from a long time in the past isn’t too removed from the widespread beliefs. Many individuals consider that an autism prognosis implies that the person wants quick institutionalization. Autism is seen as synonymous with psychological retardation, and the person is regarded as chronically disabled. 

Whereas there is perhaps folks with autism who want help to dwell their common lives, this perception that they must be institutionalized in all instances is undoubtedly false. 

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#Delusion 3: Individuals with autism have superpowers.

Rain Man is maybe probably the most vital portrayals of autism in mainstream cinema. Nevertheless, similar to institutionalization, it led to a different fable that individuals with autism are extra gifted than others in features like memorization, creativity, and so on. However as per a examine by Darold A. Treffert, solely 10% of people with autism have skills like photographic reminiscence, impeccable math expertise, or excessive creativity in comparison with the 1% within the non-autistic inhabitants. 

There isn’t a credible scientific purpose behind why folks with autism usually tend to have these skills. Some scientists consider that irregular mind improvement in autism is perhaps the explanation behind this. 

#Delusion 4: Individuals with autism can not acquire schooling and are subsequently unemployable. 

Whereas some folks consider folks with autism as extremely gifted, the remainder consider they’re uneducable and have extreme studying disabilities. This angle is commonly mixed with the stereotype that individuals with autism are unemployable and, subsequently, a burden on the nation’s economic system. 

Nevertheless, as per analysis by Alisha Ohl, 61.42% of adults with autism are employed and dealing of their respective fields. Beliefs and misconceptions like these hurt the job prospects of individuals with autism. World Autism Consciousness Week is directed to unfold consciousness about autism in all sectors to make sure that folks with autism are given their proper to work and earn freely.

#Delusion 5: Everyone seems to be just a little autistic. 

Lots of people with autism have sooner or later been advised by a pal or well-wisher this – “Everyone seems to be just a little autistic.” Whereas these statements would possibly come from a spot of concern and empathy, they perpetuate a deeply ingrained fable in regards to the situation. 

You both have autism, or you don’t. This phrase is commonly used to explain the quirks of individuals with autism. And whilst you would possibly need to make the individual really feel included, it’s important to grasp that autism is not only outlined by behaviors or quirks. It’s a neurological situation that impacts how an individual experiences and perceives the world. To say or consider that we’re all just a little autistic, in reality, trivializes and short-sells the on a regular basis struggles of individuals with autism.

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World Autism Consciousness Week is the proper alternative to grasp and acknowledge the challenges that individuals with autism face of their each day lives. Autism consciousness goes past simply studying what the situation is. It entails combatting and busting the stereotypes and myths folks knowingly or unknowingly consider about autism spectrum issues. We hope this submit will assist unfold consciousness about autism and assist us take a small however vital step in forming a compassionate and knowledgeable society. 

Now that you already know of World Autism Consciousness Week, allow us to take you to a different vital occasion. Alzheimer’s And Mind Consciousness Day is marked yearly on June 21 to encourage consciousness about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. To learn extra about it, click on right here.

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