Wealthy individuals, bribes and melancholy – examine finds hyperlink between corruption and psychological well being amongst Ghanaian college students


Corruption is available in many types in Ghana. Bribery, misappropriation of funds, extortion and administrative theft stay pervasive and have an effect on key sectors of Ghana’s financial system. In a 2023 Afrobarometer survey, 77% of Ghanaians surveyed responded that corruption was on the rise within the nation.

Students have lengthy studied the hyperlinks between corruption and different sides of life. Political scientist Daniel Treisman tells us that each form of corruption is undesirable in democratic societies due to its far-reaching destructive penalties for the financial life and well-being of the inhabitants. By means of authorized scholar Jorum Duri, we all know a fantastic deal in regards to the relationship between corruption and gender.

Nonetheless, little is understood in regards to the psychological and psychological well being issues related to corruption.

As students of psychology, we got down to study the general ranges and results of perceived corruption on psychological well being in Ghana.

We sought to reply the query: does the notion that wealthier individuals can affect state establishments or authorities officers for private achieve have an effect on individuals’s psychological well being?

We discovered that individuals’s notion of corruption in Ghana had a destructive affect on their psychological well being. This was measured in elevated suicide danger, nervousness and melancholy signs. The notion that wealthy individuals in society might bribe and affect any state establishment or authorities official was strongly related to melancholy and nervousness signs amongst our individuals.

Examine methodology

We used a survey to gather knowledge from 730 college college students in Ghana. The individuals’ common age was 22 years they usually have been finding out for various levels.

We measured their notion of corruption by asking them to answer 4 statements. The responses ranged from “under no circumstances” to “extraordinarily probably”:

  1. State establishments are corrupt (for instance public universities, hospitals).

  2. Politicians and different authorities officers are corrupt (for instance, parliamentarians and ministers).

  3. On this nation, individuals who have cash/assets can affect any state establishment(s) or authorities official(s) for private achieve.

  4. Within the final 12 months, I’ve seen an individual affect/induce state establishment(s) or authorities official(s) with cash or different factor for private achieve.

The psychological well being burden of witnessing corruption

We additionally investigated the query of what side of corruption had the best affect, and on what side of psychological well being. What we discovered was that witnessing corruption amongst state establishments and authorities officers, and the notion that the wealthy might affect these officers for private achieve, was strongly related to melancholy and nervousness signs amongst our individuals.

The reason could also be that when individuals grow to be conscious that corruption is a lifestyle, and that just a few have what it takes to stay this lifestyle, they grow to be helpless and hopeless and really feel a lack of private company. These emotions are associated to melancholy and nervousness signs. It ought to nevertheless be famous that we didn’t management for individuals’ prior experiences and signs of melancholy and nervousness.

Why does corruption have an effect on psychological well being in Ghana?

We supplied two explanations. Firstly, witnessing corruption might reinforce the destructive beliefs about harassment, uncertainty and arbitrariness which can be related to corrupt practices. It might additionally heighten individuals’s expectations that they or their family members might be unfairly concerned or focused for corruption. This may occasionally clarify the relation with signs of melancholy and nervousness.

The work of students like sociology researcher Iona van Deurzen reveals that harassment and arbitrariness by somebody who represents the state or public authority can grow to be a stressor that will elevate an individual’s ranges of melancholy.

We found that the hyperlinks between witnessing corruption and psychological well being issues may be traced to sure tendencies for individuals to:

  • stay silent to guard or save others from being caught in an effort to preserve relationships

  • report back to get the corrupt particular person sacked and wreck relationships

  • conform to a tradition of corruption both in solidarity or for worry of being victimised.

These tendencies can probably create psychological discomfort that will result in psychological well being outcomes corresponding to nervousness and melancholy.

Corruption implies that guidelines regulating entry and distribution of social and materials assets are dysfunctional.

There’s a have to rethink the consequences of corruption perceptions and to redefine it as a social determinant of public psychological well being.

We advise that individuals who expertise corruption-induced nervousness or melancholy ought to speak to a psychological well being skilled and counsellors for skilled help.



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