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Notes from this week’s episode:

This week on the Nervousness Slayer Podcast we’re discussing a listener query concerning the exhaustion that may accompany generalized anxiousness.

“How can I really feel so anxious, like I might crawl out of my pores and skin, and so drained on the identical time?”

Ayurveda teaches that stress and anxiousness trigger fatigue, and generally excessive fatigue.

The explanation for that is the overuse, or pressure of the thoughts and feelings, that anxiousness causes.

So, after we surprise why we are able to really feel extremely anxious and so drained on the identical time, that’s why. They’re two sides of the identical coin, the place we really feel stressed and drained on the identical time.

We would additionally discover, that despite the fact that we really feel drained, we are able to’t go to sleep simply.

Unchecked, this sense of tension and tiredness can enhance on either side, and we really feel extra anxious and extra exhausted as time goes on.

Fortuitously, there are issues we are able to do to assist ourselves, and most of them are easy.

Assist begins with understanding what’s taking place and making changes.

Listed here are some methods that could be useful to get your vitality again when anxiousness drains your vitality.

Get sufficient relaxation

Be sure you are getting sufficient sleep at night time. An everyday sleep routine helps you get higher high quality sleep.

If you’re struggling to sleep, attempt taking additional relaxation when you possibly can by curling up in a tender, heat place and listening to a guided meditation or journey to assist your thoughts loosen up.

Prioritize self-care

Make self-care a precedence in your each day routine. This may increasingly embody taking breaks whenever you want them, consuming nutritious meals, and fascinating in bodily exercise that you just get pleasure from.

Observe leisure strategies 

Rest strategies similar to deep respiration, progressive muscle leisure, or meditation may help scale back anxiousness and promote a way of calm, which might additionally assist handle exhaustion.

Keep away from overstimulation

Attempt to keep away from overstimulating actions, similar to utilizing digital units earlier than mattress, as this may intervene together with your sleep high quality and makes issues worse.

Search skilled assist 

If you’re experiencing continual exhaustion or fatigue that has effects on your each day life, it is vital to speak to a psychological well being skilled who may help you develop an individualized therapy plan.

Keep hydrated

Dehydration could cause fatigue and make it more durable on your physique to handle stress. Ingesting sufficient water may help maintain your physique functioning correctly and enhance your vitality ranges. Sizzling natural teas like chamomile, fennel and mint may help with each hydration and anxiousness.

Keep away from alcohol and medicines

Utilizing alcohol and medicines to handle anxiousness can in the end make fatigue worse. They’ll intervene with sleep high quality and depart you feeling extra exhausted the following day.

Take respiration and tapping breaks

Carve out time for normal breaks all through the day. This may help you recharge and scale back the chance of burnout.

Observe optimistic self-talk

Adverse self-talk can contribute to emotions of exhaustion and anxiousness. Attempt to change detrimental ideas with optimistic affirmations or reminders of your strengths and accomplishments.

Do not forget that managing anxiousness and exhaustion is a course of, and it is vital to be affected person with your self as you attempt totally different methods. If you’re struggling, please attain out for assist out of your Therapist or healthcare skilled.


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