The Unhealthy Obsession With Perfection


All of us have skilled adverse thought patterns relating to a few of our physique components or our our bodies as a complete usually. On days like these, we really feel insecure about our look and want to change it. And it’s completely regular to have as of late the place you aren’t thrilled by the picture of your self you see within the mirror. What’s not regular is having a compulsive obsession with one’s seems to be, fixed adverse ideas about your physique, and beliefs that there are particular flaws inside you that it’s essential to repair. If you end up going by means of these conditions, you is likely to be affected by a sort of obsessive-compulsive dysfunction termed physique dysmorphia (BDD).

Physique dysmorphia is without doubt one of the mostly misunderstood psychological well being points and is barely mentioned within the public area. It’s because, in a world swamped with the tradition of selfies and thousands and thousands of merchandise to make your self look higher, worries and problems with an individual relating to their look are sometimes brushed apart. 

To unfold much-needed consciousness on the problems, allow us to dive deeper into what’s physique dysmorphia, its signs, its causes, and therapy choices.

body dysmorphia

What’s physique dysmorphia?

Physique dysmorphia is being obsessive about a perceived flaw in a person’s physique that’s non-existent or barely noticeable to different individuals. Nonetheless, these flaws make the affected person really feel unattractive, deformed, or hideous. These obsessions can concern any a part of the physique, although primarily the main target lies on the pores and skin, hair, or face. These ideas drive the individual towards ritualistic behavioral and psychological acts like consistently wanting within the mirror or making an attempt to cover a specific physique half, and in excessive circumstances, even beauty surgical procedures. 

As per the Anxiousness and Melancholy Affiliation of America (ADAA), physique dysmorphia impacts 2.4% of adults within the nation. Now that you understand what’s physique dysmorphia allow us to perceive the signs of the situation as per the Diagnostic and Statistics Guide-V (DSM-V).

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The frequent signs of physique dysmorphia embody:

  • being hyper-focused on one’s look,
  • adverse self-talk like telling your self you might be “ugly, deformed, or unattractive,”
  • adverse ideas about your hair, pores and skin, face, or different physique components,
  • consistently checking your self out within the mirror,
  • asking for reassurances about your look,
  • fixed comparisons with different individuals,
  • dropping out of social actions, and in excessive circumstances, not leaving your home, and
  • getting beauty remedies carried out and by no means being proud of the outcomes.


Researchers and psychological well being professionals are not sure concerning the precise causes of physique dysmorphia. Like different psychological well being points, the reason for the dysfunction could be linked to sure genes and antagonistic life experiences like bullying, excessive teasing, abuse, or neglect.

Folks with physique dysmorphia are inclined to course of what they see in individuals in a different way. Subsequently they will find yourself analyzing and over-analyzing individuals’s actions. This could result in adverse ideas and finally manifest into signs of BDD. 

Remedy Choices

The first therapy choices for BDD are cognitive-behavioral remedy aimed toward restructuring adverse thought patterns and anti-depressant drugs. The top purpose of the therapy is to:

  • cut back and finally get rid of adverse ideas and obsessions,
  • foster set off recognition, and
  • enhance stress administration related to the signs.

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Physique dysmorphia is a sort of obsessive-compulsive dysfunction that makes an individual obsesses over their bodily look and attempt to repair a non-existential or barely seen bodily flaw. Whereas there aren’t any recognized methods to stop BDD, with correct assist, one can be taught to minimize the dysfunction’s affect on their life. That’s the reason speaking about your points and asking for ample assist are keys to efficient restoration.

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