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Notes from this week’s episode:

Listener query: ”How do you calm you nervous system? Has anybody handled this?”

There’s a wealth of data accessible on calming the nervous system, from the teachings of Ayurveda and different knowledge traditions, to analysis into childhood trauma, burnout, and even neuroplasticity.

Ayurveda teaches that the nervous system is ruled by the Vata dosha, the identical power that provokes anxiousness after we’re out of steadiness. We’re presently engaged on the ending levels to our new course, 7 Keys to Calming Anxiousness with Ayurveda which explores this subject in depth with classes on understanding your thoughts physique sort, and diet and practices to assist the nervous system.

Shield your nervous system

The primary stage in calming the nervous system is knowing what impacts it negatively and defending it from hurt.

Determine and reduce sources of stress in your life at any time when attainable. 

Issues to look out for embrace:

Over-stimulation from screens, information, social media, intense drama

Lack of sleep and irregular sleep habits

Stimulants like caffeine

A extremely processed eating regimen

And suppression / avoidance of feelings

Ayurveda’s first focus is on making modifications to keep away from the reason for pressure within the nervous system, adopted by bringing in assist by way of calming practices, counseling and diet to nourish and look after the nervous system.

Motion for grounding and launch

Mild, sluggish, stretching actions are beneficial for supporting the nervous system.

Strolling in nature

Restorative Yoga

TaiChi and Qigong

All might help launch stress from the physique and regulate the nervous system.

Improved relaxation

When our nervous system is strained we might have additional relaxation. We definitely want good high quality relaxation.

We’ve recorded a number of episodes on sleep and have guided relaxations for sleep accessible on our Patreon.

Emotional honesty and assist

Be open to sincere reflection and watching your thoughts to see what it persistently dredges up. When the thoughts is churning over damaging ideas and feelings it will increase stress.

As we discover our patterns we are able to see the place we wish to make modifications.

Sharing your emotions and experiences with family members can present consolation and reassurance.

Cultivating calm

As we begin removing the causes of pressure in our nervous system, we clear the way in which to usher in practices that assist deliver calm and regulation.

Day by day practices that invite gratitude and current second consciousness assist defend the nervous system from being affected by the thoughts chewing over our previous, or worrying about our future.

Use sensory enter to shift your focus away from stressors. Hearken to calming music, interact in aromatherapy, and apply deep respiration, and a few type of meditation.

Progressive muscle leisure

Tense and launch every muscle group in your physique, beginning out of your toes and transferring as much as your head. This system helps promote leisure and cut back muscle rigidity.

Interact in mindfulness or meditation practices to focus your consideration on the current second to domesticate a way of calm. This could contain observing your ideas and sensations with out judgment.

The significance of routine

A each day routine helps regulate the nervous system by bringing acquainted contact factors to every day. This helps construct a way of predictability and security.

Routine is grounding and stabilizing, it helps us change out of the combat or flight response and into higher relaxation and digestion. It sends a message to the physique that every one is properly.

Scheduling time every day for light train, common meal occasions and constant sleep occasions are the fundamentals that start to calm Vata within the thoughts and settle our nervous system over time.



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