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The Primary Construction:

The Enneagram is a character typing system that holds layers of instruments that can be utilized to extend self-awareness and promotes psychological progress. There are 9 Varieties on the Enneagram and all individuals will solely have one core kind. Nevertheless, varied layers distinguish the core varieties from one another and customise our core kind to talk extra deeply to our particular person expertise. Layers of the Enneagram embody however aren’t restricted to WingsTriads, and Stances.

Whereas there are numerous free on-line quizzes that can assist you decide your core kind, they’re typically inaccurate. A part of the rationale for “mistypings” is the very nature of the Enneagram. Whereas many character checks are rooted in exterior behaviors, the Enneagram bases Varieties on inner drives, which is harder to find out with a fast quiz. Although a quiz could also be a useful place to begin, I extremely suggest studying by way of the categories and coming to your personal conclusion of what resonates.


Fast Tip: You probably have no aversion to your Kind, it’s unlikely the proper match (otherwise you haven’t explored the Kind completely). When the Enneagram resonates, you’ll seemingly really feel uncomfortable as a result of you can be confronted with elements of your self that you don’t like.


The Enneagram is a bodily form that outlines the potential actions of every Kind. All Varieties are linked to 2 others by strains; one quantity is moved towards in instances of stress and the opposite is moved towards in instances of safety. For instance, a Kind One (typically thought of disciplined, principled, and perfectionistic) is linked to Kind Seven and Kind 4. In instances of stress, Kind One will undertake traits of a much less wholesome Kind 4 (comparable to a bent towards self-pity and wallowing). In instances of safety, Kind One will embody traits of the more healthy Kind Seven (e.g. extra willingness to be spontaneous and playful). Nevertheless, the core kind will all the time stay the identical no matter the place Kind One is shifting towards. In different phrases, the one who identifies as a Kind One will stay rooted of their core motivation, even when their conduct seems to be that of one other Kind. After usually understanding the construction of the Enneagram, learn by way of your core kind and start exploring the layers. On this publish, I discuss a number of of the layers of the Enneagram, all of which have been useful in my private progress.



Wings are one of many ways in which our Kind is personalized; it’s a technique that the range inside Varieties is defined. Let’s work with Kind 9. Utilizing the Enneagram form, we are able to see that Kind 9 is bordered by Kind One and Kind Eight. Subsequently, an Enneagram 9 will both have a dominant One Wing, a dominant Eight Wing, or neither/each. At instances, Enneagram Nines with a One Wing could specific themselves equally to Ones (e.g. specializing in organizing their surroundings as a method of self-soothing) and Nines with an Eight Wing could specific themselves equally to the Kind Eight (e.g. expressing anger extra readily). Nevertheless, to reiterate, the core motivations/wishes/and many others. would stay the identical throughout the Kind Nines, even when their conduct differs.

Some Enneagram academics counsel that in the course of the ‘first half of life,’ an individual could have one dominant wing and in the course of the ‘second half of life’ an individual will lean into the opposite wing. Different teachings say that an individual can trip and make the most of the strengths of each side (and fall into the slippery slopes of each side). It’s all about what resonates.

Wings can be utilized to raised perceive our conduct and the potential methods our conduct is useful or dangerous. They will also be used as a method of referring to others (particularly the categories on both facet of our core Kind). Wings will also be a instrument to attract us out of our core kind and to lean into the strengths of different Varieties, which might present stability.


The Three Triads:

Throughout the layers of the Enneagram, we are going to discover that the 9 Varieties are sometimes divided into three teams of three.

Relating to the Three Triads, the 9 Varieties are divided in an easy method when trying on the form itself. The Triads are sometimes used to focus on the underlying emotion that the Varieties (consciously or unconsciously) expertise in addition to bringing consideration to the dominant Middle of Intelligence. Nevertheless, some Enneagram consultants will spotlight further layers to the Three Triads, such because the core struggles and protection mechanisms inside every triad.

  • The Coronary heart Triad consists of Varieties Two, Three, and 4. These varieties are likely to harbor internalized disgrace (core struggles- identification and hostility*).
  • The Considering Triad consists of Varieties 5, Six, and Seven. These varieties are likely to harbor concern (core struggles-insecurity and anxiousness*).
  • The Instinctive/Intestine Triad consists of Varieties Eight, 9, and One. These varieties are likely to harbor anger (core struggles-aggression and repression*).

A technique to make use of this info is to start observing the self and the way the core emotion and struggles manifest. It isn’t all the time simple. For instance, some Kind Sixes don’t expertise themselves as fearful as a result of they could transfer towards their fears and face them regularly. Nevertheless, simply because they emulate braveness and willingness doesn’t imply that concern shouldn’t be a driving pressure inside.


The Three Stances:

One other layer is the three Stances. One Enneagram Trainer (Suzanne Stabile-see assets beneath) highlights the accessibility to altering our conduct and addressing problematic patterns by way of the knowledge of Stance work. You’ll discover that the 9 Varieties are divided into three teams, however that they’re allotted in a different way than with the Triads. A Kind’s stance highlights the Middle of Intelligence that’s repressed. All of us might want to deliberately domesticate one of many Facilities to advertise extra stability in our lives.

  • The Dependent Stance consists of Varieties One, Two, and Six and their Repressed Middle is Considering (equivalent to the Considering Triad). Although they could be pondering on a regular basis, these varieties wrestle with productive pondering (e.g. redirecting their thoughts from the ‘what ifs’ and contemplating what they know to be true). The time period ‘dependent’ doesn’t suggest codependence essentially. As an alternative, it highlights that these Varieties use different individuals as some extent of reference.
  • The Aggressive Stance consists of Varieties Three, Seven, and Eight and their Repressed Middle is Feeling (equivalent to the Coronary heart Triad). These varieties are likely to undervalue feelings and have issue connecting emotionally to others; feelings are seen as inefficient and inconvenient. The time period ‘aggressive’ doesn’t suggest meanness, essentially. As an alternative, it highlights that these varieties are likely to deal with reaching their private objectives.
  • The Withdrawing Stance consists of Varieties 4, 5, and 9 and their Repressed Middle is Doing (equivalent to the Instinctive/Intestine Triad). These varieties have patterns of withdrawing into analysis, fantasy, and/or unproductive duties, which might act as a persistent barrier to taking motion and shifting ahead. The time period ‘withdrawing’ can apply fairly actually, whereas additionally being a bit extra summary. For instance, these varieties could seem busy with duties, however the duties could also be irrelevant and a method to keep away from essential duties.


One factor I like in regards to the Enneagram is the way in which it provokes essential pondering and speaks to nuance. We see that there are three numbers, Varieties Three, Six & 9, which can be each dominant and repressed in the identical middle—how does this make any sense??

Mainly, these three varieties use their dominant Triad to soak up and arrange info from their surroundings, whereas ALSO having nice issue in utilizing that Middle in any productive means. For instance, the Kind Three takes in info utilizing emotions; they’re usually conscious of how others could also be feeling and are adept at ‘studying the room.’ Nevertheless, they’ve issue utilizing emotions to attach with others, to make choices, or as a information for genuine expression. Threes repress emotions by stuffing their very own deep inside and specializing in showing profitable in no matter means they outline the time period


To start stance work, regularly ask your self one query to domesticate consciousness across the repressed middle.

  • For the Dependent Stance, ask your self: What do I THINK about this? (deal with what you usually know to be true, not on fears and worries).
  • For the Aggressive Stance, ask your self: How do I FEEL about this? (deal with utilizing emotional phrases, saying you’re drained and hungry don’t depend and with anger-related feelings discover what tender emotion could also be beneath the floor)
  • For the Withdrawing Stance, ask your self: What am I going to DO about this? (deal with methods to be productive and work towards objectives, not on busy work or distraction/avoidance)

With this observe, you possibly can lower how typically you fall into unhelpful patterns whereas additionally exploring methods to shift towards extra stability and achievement.



What’s talked about on this publish is simply a fraction of the methods the Enneagram can be utilized to construct self-awareness and domesticate change. For those who dive in, contemplate methods you possibly can snigger at your self, let go of denial, and construct compassion for all. The Enneagram shall not be used to justify unhealthy conduct, however somewhat to handle it and to reconnect with probably the most genuine model of the Self.


Assets to Be taught Extra:

(Please observe that as a result of the Enneagram is a bit stylish, there may be a number of superficial info and misinformation on the market. These three assets are dependable.)

  • The Enneagram Journey, a podcast by Suzanne Stabile. She additionally hosts workshops and has written a number of books in regards to the Enneagram. Her lens accommodates Christian overtones, whereas additionally specializing in utilizing the Enneagram as a instrument in private growth. For me, her podcast was a good way to study extra info, extra from particular person experiences, and the way quantity combos can work together in relationships.
  • The Knowledge of the Enneagram, a guide by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. This Huge Blue Ebook known as me all the way in which out and helped me to confront issues about myself which will have taken years to maneuver towards, in any other case. Irreplaceable and obtainable at most libraries and plenty of bookstores. *core struggles talked about above have been derived from this guide.
  • The Enneagram Institute is the web site the place I normally ship individuals to start figuring out their core quantity. Beneath the LEARN tab on their website, there are free assets to study extra in regards to the construction of the Enneagram, the categories, and different nuances. This can be a hyperlink to the Kind Descriptions. https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions

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