Setting boundaries to ease social anxiousness — Anxiousness Slayer™

Notes from this week’s episode:

The definition of a boundary is a line that separates me from you, it’s “the place I finish and you start”.

We now have boundaries round our houses, however we regularly wrestle to outline and preserve them round ourselves.

Boundaries are wanted round our bodily house, ideas and beliefs. All the things private to us is contained inside our private boundary.

Various kinds of boundaries: 

Bodily: our private house, and privateness

Psychological: our ideas, beliefs, values, decisions, and opinions

Emotional: our feelings and private emotions

Bodily boundaries are extra apparent and normally simpler to uphold, however our psychological and emotional boundaries are equally necessary particularly after we’re making an attempt to handle stress and anxiousness.

Why we’d like boundaries 

Wholesome boundaries scale back anxiousness by supporting self-respect and the appropriate to specific ourselves and our wants.

They provide us the liberty to stay our life as we see match based mostly on our private beliefs and values. Wholesome boundaries honor and assist our free will.

Boundaries shield us from management/being managed by others.

Lack of wholesome boundaries can result in elevated anxiousness, overwhelm.

Dwelling with out boundaries leaves us open to the expectations of others.

The absence of boundaries also can trigger resentment as we might look again on an occasion or alternate the place we really feel we weren’t revered.


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