Not Waving however Drowning – The Trauma and Psychological Well being Report


Stevie Smith (1902-1971) was an English poet and essayist recognized for her distinctive and morbid prose model. Stevie was cautious to not be uncovered to fashionable poetry lest it affect her work, preferring older poets similar to Browning and Tennyson. Not Waving however Drowning is Smith’s most well-known poem, printed in 1957. The poem describes a drowning man who, from the attitude of onlookers, seems to be waving. On a metaphorical degree, Smith’s poem touches on a sense of isolation from others and a lack of awareness. This dimension of the poem prompts us to consider the disconnect between the life and thoughts we show to others, and the afflictions which we could undergo with in silence.

Not Waving however Drowning

“No one heard him, the lifeless man,
However nonetheless he lay moaning:
I used to be a lot additional out than you thought
And never waving however drowning.

Poor chap, he all the time cherished larking
And now he’s lifeless
It will need to have been too chilly for him his coronary heart gave manner,
They mentioned.

Oh, no no no, it was too chilly all the time
(Nonetheless the lifeless one lay moaning)
I used to be a lot too far out all my life
And never waving however drowning.”

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