Lucidity Begets Insanity – The Trauma and Psychological Well being Report

The work “Lucidity Begets Insanity” by Canadian artist James Livingston is obtainable up as a counterpoint to the expression “ignorance is bliss”.

Mental Health, Ignorance, Madness, Art, Artist, Watercolour, Suffocation, Isolation, Depression, Anxiety, Protection, Anguish, CopingLucidity Begets Insanity (c.  2001, Watercolour on paper, 15” x 22”) by James Livingston

Within the piece, Livingston portrays two figures to signify ignorance and consciousness. The determine within the foreground has stripped away all filters like a uncooked nerve. Overloaded by information and consciousness they grow to be incapable of coping.  Interconnected to the insanity of the world, they twist and contort in anguish, tearing themselves aside. 

The determine within the background sits nearly blissfully beneath the backbone tree. They’ve wrapped themselves in layers to maintain them protected, hold them protected. Wrapped in ignorance, compelled upon them and furthermore by their very own lack of ability or unwillingness to acknowledge the that which surrounds them. They sit, suffocated by their very own veil. 

Livingston’s work is uncooked and crammed with many feelings, portraying the expertise of life being overwhelmed by actuality or sheltered by lies and ignorance. If ignorance is bliss, then consciousness is agony. 

Picture Credit:
Function Picture: Liza Polyanskaya, On Unsplash, Inventive Commons
Physique Picture: James Livingston, Used with Artist Permission


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