Lighting Up the Sky: Bernard Loiseau


Bernard Loiseau (13 January 1951 – 24 February 2003) was a French chef. He determined to change into a chef as a young person, apprenticing on the well-known La Maison Troisgros run by the brothers Jean and Pierre Troisgros in Roanne between 1968 and 1971.

Loiseau was hailed as a prodigy by the Gault Millau information. Loiseau purchased La Côte d’Or from Verger in 1982, and the well-known Michelin Information bestowed the coveted 3-star score on his institution in 1991. 

Loiseau had made a life’s ambition of changing into a 3-star chef, a aim which had required 17 years of exhausting work at La Côte d’Or to realize. Towards the top of his life, tastes in common meals types had been altering and Loiseau was afraid of shedding his three star score.

On February 24, 2003, Loiseau died by suicide. It was reported

 that Loiseau was despondent over his debt points and reducing patronage and recognition at his restaurant, He was fifty years outdated when he died.

Bernard Loiseau

January 13, 1951 – February 24, 2003



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