Lesser Recognized Aspect-Results of Consuming Lemon Water

Lemon water has loved its share of the limelight, touted as a detoxifying drink that may enhance metabolism, improve digestion, and even brighten the pores and skin. Whereas its advantages are quite a few, there are some lesser-discussed disadvantages that each fanatic ought to pay attention to. Right here, we uncover 5 potential downsides to consuming lemon water repeatedly.

Lemon’s Surprising Aspect Impact: Heightened Solar Sensitivity

Many are shocked to study that consuming lemon water can enhance the chance of sunburn (1). That is as a result of presence of a compound referred to as psoralen in lemons, which makes the pores and skin extra delicate to daylight. Whereas the solar supplies us with much-needed vitamin D, heightened sensitivity from lemon consumption could cause the pores and skin to burn extra simply. In case you are a daily lemon water drinker, it is important to amp up your sunscreen sport or restrict direct publicity to the solar, particularly throughout peak hours.

Lemon Water-Canker Sore Connection

Whereas canker sores are usually innocent and go away on their very own, they are often extremely bothersome. The citric acid current in lemon water can irritate these sores, exacerbating the ache and doubtlessly prolonging the therapeutic course of (2). In the event you’re liable to growing canker sores or at the moment have one, think about giving the lemon water a miss till the sore heals. Alternatively, you may dilute your drink to cut back the lemon’s acidity.

Lemon Water Sparks a Migraine

Some folks may be extra delicate to sure meals, together with citrus fruits like lemons. There have been situations the place these triggers exacerbate migraines (3). In the event you discover a sample the place consuming lemon water coincides with the onset of migraines, it may be value discussing this with a healthcare skilled or contemplating different refreshing alternate options.

Lemon Water’s Diuretic Impact

Lemon water has a diuretic impact, that means it might enhance urine manufacturing. Common consumption can result in frequent journeys to the lavatory. Whereas this may be seen as a profit, as it might assist in flushing out toxins, it might additionally turn out to be inconvenient, particularly in case you’re all the time on the transfer or lack easy accessibility to restroom amenities. It is also value noting that extreme urination can deplete important minerals and salts from the physique, that are very important for a number of physiological processes.

Lemon Water’s Toll on Tooth Enamel and Dental Well being

Lemons are undeniably acidic. Common publicity of enamel to this acid from lemon water can erode the tooth enamel, resulting in elevated sensitivity and making them extra liable to cavities (4). The protecting layer of enamel is irreplaceable; as soon as it is gone, it is gone for good. In the event you’re eager on persevering with along with your lemon water behavior, think about consuming by means of a straw to attenuate direct contact with the enamel. Additionally, wait about half-hour after consumption earlier than brushing to forestall scrubbing the acid straight into the tooth surfaces.

Lemon water, like many well being tendencies, comes with its execs and cons. Whereas it might provide a number of advantages, it is also essential to learn of potential disadvantages. Consciousness is essential, and moderation is commonly the reply. In the event you’re an ardent fan of this citrusy drink, think about making changes like diluting the juice, utilizing a straw, or coupling its consumption with protecting measures like sunscreen. At all times take heed to your physique, and when unsure, search recommendation from healthcare professionals to benefit from the zest with out the zing.



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