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Notes from this week’s episode:

Nervousness typically comes with bodily signs which might then set off issues about our well being. These are among the signs we get requested about most together with some ideas for feeling calm.

Frequent Nervousness Signs

Dry mouth

Coronary heart palpitations

Abdomen upset and nausea




Ayurveda: ON How signs present up primarily based on our thoughts/physique kind (Doshas)

Pitta – Headache, indigestion, acidity

Vata – Abdomen ache, bloating, constipation, feeling ungrounded, light-headed

Kapha – Fatigue and overwhelm, torpid, lack of curiosity in actions

How Nervousness impacts our response to signs

We could change into fearful, or fixate on worst-case outcomes, or have a powerful need to numb or disguise

These are all regular responses provoked by nervousness to its personal signs.

To listen to our solutions for pure treatments for nervousness signs please pay attention in.

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