Kombucha Tea Probiotics Mimic Fasting


Kombucha Tea Probiotics Mimic Fasting

The microorganisms current in kombucha tea induce alterations in fats metabolism inside the intestines of a mannequin worm species, mirroring the consequences noticed throughout fasting. ()

Robert Dowen on the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and colleagues, current these findings within the journal PLOS Genetics.

Kombucha is a sweetened, fermented tea beverage that has surged in recognition just lately, partly as a result of its supposed well being advantages, reminiscent of decreasing blood strain, stopping most cancers and defending in opposition to metabolic illness and liver toxins. These advantages are believed to return from the drink’s probiotic microbes and their results on metabolism, however the related well being claims haven’t been properly studied in people.

Microbes from Kombucha Tea Alter Worm Metabolism

Dowen’s workforce investigated how microbes from kombucha tea impression metabolism by feeding them to the mannequin nematode worm C. elegans. The researchers discovered that the yeast and micro organism colonize the worms’ intestines and create metabolic adjustments related to people who happen throughout fasting.

The microbes alter the expression of genes concerned in fats metabolism, resulting in extra proteins that break down fat and fewer proteins that construct a sort of fats molecule known as triglycerides. Collectively, these adjustments scale back fats shops within the worms.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that extra analysis is required to offer proof that people consuming kombucha expertise related results because the C. elegans mannequin studied right here—however these findings seem in keeping with the reported human well being advantages of kombucha, notice the authors, and will inform the usage of the beverage in complementary healthcare approaches sooner or later.

The authors add: “We had been stunned to search out that animals consuming a food regimen consisting of the probiotic microbes present in Kombucha Tea displayed diminished fats accumulation, decrease triglyceride ranges, and smaller lipid droplets – an organelle that shops the cell’s lipids – when in comparison with different diets.

These findings recommend that the microbes in Kombucha Tea set off a “fasting-like” state within the host even within the presence of ample vitamins.”



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