Is Sitting Cross-Legged Dangerous for You? This is What Science Says

There are two methods to cross your legs in a chair: on the knee and the ankle. So, as snug as it might be to sit down along with your legs crossed, is it detrimental to your well being and posture? Let’s take a look at the proof.

, with one hip greater than the opposite. It additionally alters the speed at which blood travels by the blood arteries within the decrease limbs, rising the


The vast majority of proof means that crossing on the knees is worse than crossing on the ankles. Sitting on this place may produce a rise in blood stress as a consequence of blood accumulating within the veins and your coronary heart having to battle towards this. This will increase the hazard of blood vessel harm, which is why it is best to have your toes stage on the ground when having your blood stress taken.


The longer and extra steadily you sit cross-legged, the extra possible long-term alterations in muscle lengths and bone configurations in your pelvis will happen. Leg crossing may also create spinal and shoulder misalignment owing to the way in which your skeleton is joined collectively.

As a result of the backbone compensates to maintain your heart of gravity above the pelvis, modifications within the bones of the neck may trigger your head place to get out of alignment.

Your neck may additionally be harmed if one facet of your physique is stronger than the opposite. The identical imbalance could be discovered within the pelvic and decrease again muscle tissue on account of poor posture and the stresses and strains induced by sitting cross-legged.

The pelvis may additionally change into misaligned on account of steady stretching of the gluteal (bum) muscle tissue on one facet, which causes them to weaken. Sitting with the legs crossed for an prolonged interval raises the danger of scoliosis (irregular backbone alignment) and different deformities. Higher trochanteric ache syndrome, a prevalent and painful situation affecting the skin facet of the hip and thigh, can be brought on by it.

Sitting along with your legs crossed may also put the peroneal nerve, generally generally known as the fibular nerve, in your decrease leg at risk of compression and harm, in keeping with analysis. This normally presents as a weak spot when making an attempt to carry the little-toe facet of the foot, in addition to the extra worrying foot drop, by which all the foot hangs down. Nonetheless, in most conditions, that is solely short-term and returns to regular after a couple of minutes.

Crossing one’s legs may additionally have an effect on sperm manufacturing. It’s because the temperature of the testicles have to be between 2°C and 6°C beneath regular physique temperature. Sitting raises the temperature of the testicles by 2°C, and crossing your legs raises the temperature of the testes by as much as 3.5°C. Moreover, research point out that a rise within the scrotum or testicle temperature can cut back sperm depend and high quality.

It is also price noting that as a result of women and men have totally different anatomy, it is in all probability simpler for girls to sit down cross-legged – particularly as a result of males have a restricted vary of movement on the hip.

Advantages of Sitting Cross-Legged

However, research present that sitting along with your legs crossed could be good for some individuals. One tiny examine from 2016 found, for instance, that sitting crossed-legged can assist to right the peak of the 2 sides of the pelvis, rising alignment in individuals who’ve one leg longer than the opposite.

When in comparison with sitting with legs ahead, sitting with legs crossed seems to decrease the exercise of a number of muscle tissue, significantly the indirect muscle tissue (these beneath the pores and skin the place you lay your arms in your hips). This will assist within the rest of your core muscle tissue and the prevention of over-exertion.

Equally, there’s proof that sitting cross-legged promotes sacroiliac joint stability (liable for transferring weight between the backbone and legs).

Sitting in Lotus Place: A Completely different Perspective

After all, essentially the most well-known yoga or meditation pose (lotus place) includes individuals sitting on the ground with their legs crossed. However there’s scant proof that lengthy durations of sitting cross-legged in a chair create among the issues that sitting cross-legged in a chair produces. Actually, yoga has quite a few benefits for many individuals, together with those that have already got knee issues.

So, what is the verdict? It is in all probability finest should you can keep away from crossing your legs. But, most of the danger elements linked with leg crossing are doubtless amplified by different underlying circumstances comparable to sedentary existence and weight problems. With this in thoughts, the necessary piece of recommendation is to keep away from sitting in the identical posture for too lengthy and to remain energetic often.

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