Is Blood Stress Drug the Reply to Posttraumatic Complications?


The FDA accepted prazosin to deal with hypertension in 1976. It has been broadly used “off-label” to deal with situations corresponding to PTSD-associated nightmares and enlarged prostate. An earlier research by members of the analysis group steered that prazosin may cut back the frequency and severity of complications attributable to traumatic mind damage (TBI).

To check this impact, the researchers carried out a pilot research with 48 Veterans and repair members with complications attributable to delicate TBI, also called a concussion. Members took steadily growing doses of prazosin for 5 weeks earlier than receiving the utmost dose for 12 weeks. The research confirmed that the drug was well-tolerated, and researchers reported that morning drowsiness was the one adversarial impact.

Managing the Ache of Posttraumatic Complications

Earlier than the trial started, research members had a median of 18 headache days every month. By the top of the 12-week interval, these taking prazosin solely had complications for a median of six days a month. Members receiving a placebo reported some discount in complications, however nonetheless had complications about 12 days a month. Considerably extra members within the prazosin group had a minimum of 50% fewer complications through the 12 weeks of taking a full dose of medicine.


By the top of the trial, these taking prazosin reported that complications had “some affect” on their every day capability to perform, whereas members given a placebo continued to report “extreme affect” of complications.

Bigger medical trials are wanted to substantiate the extent of those promising outcomes, based on the researchers, however these preliminary findings provide a possible reduction for a typical ailment confronted by many Veterans.

“As a result of prazosin is broadly used throughout VA and the Division of Protection to deal with PTSD trauma nightmares and sleep disruption, many VA and DOD prescribers are accustomed to prescribing this generically obtainable, cheap medicine,” mentioned Raskind. “Prazosin now presents an evidence-based method to alleviate the struggling of Veterans and repair members who’ve struggled for years with frequent posttraumatic complications.”

TBI has been known as the “signature damage” of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2000, greater than 460,000 service members have sustained a TBI, most of which have been delicate TBIs. Complications are frequent following a gentle TBI, and so they usually turn out to be continual and trigger substantial incapacity and misery.

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