Intricate Dance of Flaxseed, Intestine Microbiome, and Breast Most cancers Genes

“On this examine, we discovered correlations between diets enriched in flaxseed, cecal microbiota composition, and miRNA profiles within the mammary gland that regulate many pathways, together with these concerned in most cancers improvement. This preliminary examine helps additional analysis into the position that the microbiota performs in dietary approaches to cut back danger components related to illness.”

Lignans, fiber-associated compounds discovered in lots of meals and notably plentiful in flaxseed, are related to diminished breast most cancers mortality in postmenopausal girls.

The researchers discovered that lignan elements generate particular miRNA responses within the mammary gland. miRNAs are brief, noncoding RNAs that regulate gene expression by focusing on the three’ untranslated area of goal mRNAs.


To find out whether or not the connection between the microbiota and mammary gland miRNAs may very well be manipulated to cut back the chance of breast most cancers, the researchers fed flaxseed lignan elements to feminine mice to find out whether or not intestine cecal microbiota profiles are associated to miRNA expression within the mammary gland.

The cecum, the primary a part of the colon, situated in the proper decrease stomach close to the appendix, is believed to have a job within the manufacturing of short-chain fatty acids and has been proposed to function a reservoir of anaerobic micro organism.

One flaxseed oil lignan requires microbial processing to launch bioactive metabolites, small-molecule chemical compounds produced throughout metabolism that affect physiology and illness —on this case, having antitumor results.

The researchers discovered that the microbiota and mammary gland miRNA are associated and that flaxseed lignans modify the connection to be non-cancer-causing.

“If these findings are confirmed, the microbiota turns into a brand new goal to stop breast most cancers by means of dietary intervention,” stated Elena M. Comelli, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor within the Division of Dietary Sciences and the Temerty College of Drugs, College of Toronto, the corresponding writer on the paper.

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