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Notes from this week’s episode:

This week on the Anxiousness Slayer Podcast we’re discussing a number of practices you may implement to launch the trauma that’s caught or saved in your physique.

Trauma is at all times saved within the physique. It’s deeply rooted within the unconscious thoughts and within the connective tissue of the physique.

In line with Ayurveda, when feelings are unprocessed and psychological recollections aren’t launched, they lodge within the connective tissues and organs of the physique.

These feelings and recollections may cause concern, anxiousness, anger, grief, and even cravings. They usually adversely have an effect on our well being, and vitality on all ranges: bodily, emotional and non secular.

Ayurveda teaches that the unconscious thoughts and connective tissue work collectively, and connective tissue is the holding place for the unconscious thoughts.

Connective tissue is often known as fascia. The tissue that’s woven round each a part of our inner physique.

For this reason we would expertise ache and fatigue in our our bodies which can be associated to trauma.

What helps: emotional launch and restoration

Treating ourselves with kindness.

Day by day strolling and respiratory.

Permitting time to heal.

Looking for assist.

Exploring wholesome emotional launch and letting feelings move, with the understanding that you simply may need assistance with that.

Yoga naturally entails stretching your connective tissue.

Myofascial launch is a remedy developed to launch stress and trauma within the connective tissues.

Any therapeutic massage or bodywork will be useful, particularly if we will go for some time and with the intention to launch and heal.

EFT Tapping can also be useful. We will use Tapping in numerous methods to launch trauma. We will Faucet by way of a traumatic reminiscence for launch. We will additionally Faucet day by day whereas respiratory and affirming that we need to launch trauma from our thoughts and physique.

Journaling can also be supportive. We spoke concerning the energy of journaling in a latest episode and really useful the work of James Pennebaker and his ebook: “Opening Up by Writing it Down”

Respiration and Self-observation

After we breathe with our recollections they cease affecting our current second.

Self-observation: watching our ideas and feelings come and go is a useful observe.

Noticing patterns, seeing the place we will enhance compassion for ourselves and others.

“The way you do one factor is the way you do the whole lot”

The educating is to not push feelings away or repress them, but additionally to not cling onto them. 

After we discover concern or anxiousness, arising, or traumatic recollections resurfacing it’s useful to take a seat and breathe with them and to allow them to come and go similar to your inhalation and exhalation.

This observe could also be one thing you want assist with. Whether or not by way of counseling, bodywork, Myofascial launch, or working with an Ayurvedic practitioner, there are numerous methods to strategy and launch trauma, and we every want to search out the assist that feels best for you and helps you retain transferring ahead the place you may really feel supported and secure.


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