How Emojis and Logos Trump Phrases in Reminiscence


The researchers examined roughly 1100 adults throughout 5 research to analyze the importance of symbols in reminiscence. Individuals within the analysis have been proven both a logo or its phrase counterpart, akin to ‘$’ or ‘greenback,’ after which evaluated on what number of symbols or phrases they might bear in mind. The researchers found that individuals may memorize symbols higher than phrases with the identical which means in all of their research.

“Symbols is likely to be extra simply remembered as a result of they offer concrete visuals to summary concepts,” mentioned Brady Roberts, lead creator and PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience. “After we take into consideration summary ideas, like love, it may be tough to visualise clearly. However with symbols, we will use a kind of picture that represents the idea – like a coronary heart for love – which makes the summary concept extra concrete and due to this fact simpler to recollect.”

How Symbols’ Distinctiveness Enhances Recall and Aids Visible Design

Based on Roberts, symbols are simpler to recall since they’re distinctive and have a tendency to replicate a single thought, whereas phrases may need a number of meanings. Think about the [] signal for play. It has just one which means: to start a bit of media. Nevertheless, the time period ‘play’ has many various meanings, akin to a recreation or a theatrical efficiency, and it has a number of synonyms, together with start, start, and begin.


The authors anticipate that their work will assist to make clear difficult or summary concepts in the way forward for visible design.


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