Getting ready for nervousness free journey over the Holidays — Anxiousness Slayer™

Notes from this week’s episode:

What to earlier than you journey

  • Eat nourishing meals and get numerous relaxation nicely the day earlier than journey

  • Create a “staging space” and pack steadily upfront to keep away from final minute worries over private gadgets, passportsetc.

  • Format your journey garments the night time earlier than you permit

  • Gasoline up your automobile

  • Write out or textual content pet care and residential care instruction for a care giver if relevant

  • Create a journey test listing

Enable Further Time

  • speeding will increase stress and nervousness

  • time for parking

  • time to make use of the restroom

  • time for a snack or heat drink

  • time to apply calm respiratory or studying whereas ready to board

Carry snacks

Deliver some dates, crackers or oat biscuits with seeds, one thing to maintain your blood sugar regular. Vata will increase once we’re hungry which might improve nervousness.

Hold hydrated

Heat drinks are greatest, however be careful for caffeine.

Deliver your personal calming natural teas

For instance: lemon balm, ardour flower, chamomile, or mint or ginger in case your abdomen is upset when touring, and ask for some scorching water.

Deliver Audio Assist

some examples:

Keep in mind to interact the calm level

How one can do it: To seek out the purpose make a fist together with your left hand and search for the place your center finger touches your palm. Now press that time with the thumb of your proper hand for a few minute whilst you take deep regular breaths.

Chill out your jaw and let your shoulders drop and calm down as you maintain the purpose and preserve taking gradual deep breaths.

Oil up

Apply oil to your nostril and ears to calm vata and forestall dryness.

Make an Anxiousness Slayer care package

  • comfy earphones, or earplugs – many nervousness victims are extremely delicate to noise, earphones may also help you block out some exterior sound and select what you need to hear


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