Find out how to cease your thoughts dwelling on undesirable ideas — Anxiousness Slayer™

Factors coated on this episode:

The thoughts creates it’s personal disturbing dialogue. It shops the impressions of all our previous experiences, and these gathered experiences kind our default internal dialogue. That dialogue can kick off as undesirable ideas with none obvious trigger or provocation.

The thoughts has a detrimental bias which is able to disturb us by imagining issues that don’t exist, and by exaggerating small challenges into large worries.

The thoughts creates F.E.A.R by exhibiting us False Proof and making it Seem Actual.

We get into bother after we imagine the thoughts’s propaganda and we see its story as reality – at any time we will use our intelligence to decide on one thing completely different.

Thought Stopping Apply

Aware Redirection

When your thoughts whispers fears in your ear:

  1. Cease and take a deep breath

  2. You may even say cease out loud

  3. Query the thoughts’s proof and authority

  4. Redirect your consideration to your reality proper there and now on this second.

One of many best methods to do this is to say, “Proper now, on this second, I’m right here and I’m doing this.”

State the place you might be and what you might be doing.

Getting again within the current second

Really feel your physique making contact with a floor that’s supporting it.

Listing three issues you possibly can see

Two issues you possibly can hear

One factor you possibly can really feel

Get grounded again in your physique and regroup

The trick of the thoughts is to make us imagine it’s our solely voice nevertheless it’s not the reality.


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