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As a fancy trauma therapist and advocate, I dedicate time to researching and searching for revolutionary concepts and instruments to boost therapeutic for my purchasers. I do know that many well-meaning strategies can get too sophisticated and time-consuming. I used to be attending one among Deb Dana’s trainings the place she launched the idea of glimmers.  I instantly cherished it and began sharing it with all of my purchasers. I’ve additionally been training it myself. I’ve gotten such good suggestions and seen progress unfold, so I’m excited to share this with you and the CPTSD group.

Polyvagal Principle developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, gives beneficial insights in understanding our nervous system and the way it impacts our well-being. Amongst its many ideas, “glimmers” stand out as highly effective micro-moments (15 seconds or so) of connection and security. The exploration of glimmers has really captured my consideration and yielded outstanding outcomes inside my remedy observe. Shoppers usually specific that these micro-moments really feel genuine and acknowledge their experiences with out dismissing or selling poisonous positivity. Glimmers symbolize these refined, fleeting moments of constructive experiences, resiliency, and regulation. They’re the whispers of hope, the sparks of therapeutic potential, and the constructing blocks of post-traumatic development.

On this weblog article, we are going to discover what glimmers are, present real-life examples, and the significance of a each day observe of noticing glimmers.

Understanding Glimmers

Glimmers, as outlined by Polyvagal Principle, confer with micro-moments of connection, security, and constructive engagement that may shift our nervous system’s response from protection to calm. These experiences activate the social engagement system, fostering emotions of security, belief, and well-being. Glimmers might be each refined and profound, and so they play a pivotal function in our total emotional and bodily wellness. Whereas glimmers are throughout us, it isn’t all the time simple to note them. It is a light reminder for everybody.

Examples of Glimmers

We expertise extra micro-moments of calm (or much less activation) in our on a regular basis life than we understand. That first sip of my morning espresso and the sound of the birds chirping exterior are my glimmers and have landed so effectively in my nervous system. I really like noticing the brilliant pink of a flower or sitting on my sofa with my cozy inexperienced blanket. These are easy however not simple glimmers to note.

Different examples might be:

  • A heat smile from a cherished one or a second of shared laughter can create a profound glimmer.
  • Being within the presence of our beloved pets, whose affection and companionship might be soothing and comforting.
  • A nice scent, equivalent to contemporary flowers or a favourite candle, may also help create a relaxing and nice ambiance.
  • Experiencing a way of awe or surprise, equivalent to witnessing a good looking sundown or listening to a strong piece of music.
  • Partaking in a favourite interest or exercise, equivalent to taking part in a musical instrument, cooking a favourite meal, crafting, or going for a stroll in nature.
  • Noticing supportive and empathetic conversations with trusted people. This could create a protected area the place vulnerability is met with empathy and understanding. These moments of real connection can elicit glimmers of emotional security and validation.
  • Experiencing or witnessing acts of kindness and compassion can evoke glimmers. These moments remind us of the goodness in humanity and elicit emotions of security and connection.
  • It’s vital to acknowledge that experiencing a lower in activation or emotional depth is equally beneficial along with emotions of security and connection. Each states are completely legitimate and important in their very own proper.

Each day Observe of Noticing Glimmers

Creating the each day observe of noticing and incorporating glimmers has the potential to create important shifts in our lives. After we deliberately search and acknowledge these moments, it cultivates a mindset centered round connection, security, and well-being. This observe progressively rewires our nervous system, resulting in elevated resilience, higher emotional regulation, and improved social interactions. I’ve witnessed this transformation in lots of my purchasers, relations, and pals.


Glimmers, the micro-moments of connection and security, possess unbelievable transformative energy. After we discover the essence of glimmers and purposefully search for them in our on a regular basis experiences, we are able to progressively reshape our nervous system’s reactions, nurture resilience, and foster a profound sense of well-being. Remarkably, glimmers are free and out there to everybody.

Name to Motion

I invite you to start out being inquisitive about glimmers and take into account integrating the observe of noticing them into your each day life. A method to do that is by preserving a glimmer journal or scrapbook, the place you may seize and mirror on these moments. Moreover, the CPTSD Basis has established a Glimmers group in Circle, the place you may join with me and others, sharing experiences and provoking each other on our transformative journeys.


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