Dengue Virus Grows Extra Virulent in Hotter Temperatures


The analysis, which may phenomenally assist in predicting and mitigating the severity and virulence of dengue, has assumed important significance because it seeks to determine the influence of world warming on the illness, with an estimated world illness burden of 390 million circumstances per 12 months (WHO). (

journal of America. Dr. Easwaran Sreekumar, who led the analysis crew, mentioned: “The physique temperature of mosquitoes isn’t fixed as in increased animals and it will increase or decreases with the environmental temperature… To this point it isn’t recognized whether or not the upper temperature development situation will have an effect on the virulence of the virus. For the primary time, our current research factors that there’s such a risk.”

Moreover Sreekumar, different members of the analysis crew included Ayan Modak, Srishti Rajkumar Mishra, Mansi Awasthi, Sreeja Sreedevi, Archana Sobha, Arya Aravind, and Krithiga Kuppusamy.”Within the dengue outbreaks taking place in numerous elements of the nation, this facet has by no means been regarded into. Our research alludes to the rising implications of world warming and its doable results on infectious illness dynamics,” the researchers added.

Uncovering Dengue’s Severity: Affect of Temperature on Virus Incubation and Transmission

It was earlier noticed {that a} comparatively increased environmental temperature shortens the incubation interval of the virus in mosquitoes, leading to a rise in human transmission. RGCB Director Prof Chandrabhas Narayana mentioned that the researchers have been making efforts to grasp why dengue turns into severe at occasions. “However even after many years of analysis, there are nonetheless no efficient vaccines or antivirals to regulate or forestall the recurring illness. This research has main implications in predicting severity of dengue outbreaks.”


The research was performed in a mouse mannequin, the place the virulent pressure obtained from the upper temperature development brought on enhanced presence of viruses within the blood, hemorrhage, extreme tissue adjustments in important organs corresponding to coronary heart, liver, and kidney, that are the hallmarks of the illness, and even loss of life.Dengue is a viral an infection brought on by DENV and transmitted to people by way of the chunk of contaminated mosquitoes. Globally, the incidence of dengue is on the rise through the years, with a corresponding improve within the illness severity and fatality. Whereas in majority of the sufferers, the illness is gentle and self-limiting; in some sufferers, it causes life-threatening thrombocytopenia (extraordinarily low platelet depend in blood) and shock syndrome.

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