Decoding The Completely different Varieties Of Love


Love is a fancy and multifaceted idea. Right here’s a whole breakdown of the various kinds of love and methods to indicate them. 

types of love

Identical to meals, water, clothes, and air, love is likely one of the most primal wants of human beings. It’s a highly effective and multi-dimensional idea that performs out in several methods in our each day lives

When you’re within the presence of the particular person you’re keen on, you are feeling a string of various feelings. You might have totally different ideas and concepts in regards to the particular person formed by your feelings and previous experiences in love and relationships. As an example, if you’re somebody who believes in love at first sight, you’re extra more likely to expertise it in life than somebody who doesn’t. 

However, other than the romantic context, there are various kinds of love that we expertise in our lives. You would possibly love your finest buddies, companion, job, automobile, or favourite meals. And whenever you say this, you consult with various kinds of love for every particular person or factor. 

When you have struggled to outline the totally different types of love, that is the right place to start out. On this submit, we are going to break down the assorted varieties of affection primarily based on totally different classifications. Let’s dive in. 

Decoding The Varied Varieties Of Love

different types of love

There are quite a few classifications for the various kinds of love that people really feel. On this submit, we are going to take a look at our favourite – the traditional Greek classification.

Love is a well-discussed subject in Greek philosophy that has nice thinkers like Plato and Aristotle. The traditional Greek classification of the assorted varieties of affection was in all probability one of many first makes an attempt to explain the kinds of love. However imagine it or not, it’s fairly related even at the moment. 

Greek philosophers in historical occasions considerably contributed to understanding the various kinds of love and exploring them rationally. On this classification, there are eight kinds of love. Understanding these numerous varieties of affection can provide you an perception into the kind of love you might be experiencing and assist you navigate it higher. Let’s dive into the eight love varieties as per Greek philosophy. 

1. Eros

Greek: ἔρως (érōs)

This sort of love is described because the extremely romantic and fairy-tale kind. Bodily magnificence is a important a part of one of these love. The attraction is prompt and intense when two folks meet and fall in Eros love. Individuals who take pleasure in Eros love really feel the necessity to rapidly dive into the emotional and bodily points of the connection. 

Individuals in this type of love are monogamists and proceed being part of the relationships till it feels recent and thrilling. 

Indicators of Eros love:

  • Intense bodily attraction
  • Bodily proximity
  • Always eager about your important different
  • Jealousy and possessiveness
  • Expression of emotions by totally different romantic gestures

Love catalyst: Bodily attraction and look. 

Professional-tip: Benefit from this section of your relationship. These emotions would possibly fade or reduce over time, which is completely regular. Subsequently, benefit from the time you’ve got. 

2. Storge

Greek: στοργή (storgé)

On this one, from the assorted varieties of affection, the sentiments are extra refined, and the people concerned are extra secure and dedicated to one another. These people worth psychological proximity, belief, and companionship greater than anything of their relationship. For such {couples}, love would possibly evolve steadily over time by friendship

For folks in Storge relationships, the affiliation is normally stable and long-term. 

Listed here are the indicators of Storge love:

  • Familiarity and luxury are given precedence
  • People develop emotions rooted in friendship
  • Have pure compatibility with one another
  • Stability and long-term dedication.

Love catalyst: Reminiscences

Professional-tip: Making time for these you are feeling storge love for is extraordinarily essential. Whilst you might need been collectively for a very long time, you will need to make your important different really feel particular. 

3. Ludus

Latin: lūdus

Ludus is one other important kind of affection from the traditional Greek classification. Individuals indulging in Ludus love usually take a look at the entire course of of affection and relationships as a recreation. They play these video games with the only real goal of desirous to win. The affiliation normally lacks dedication, and people are emotionally distant

Since folks indulging in Ludus love are in it for the shorter haul, they’re extra invested within the bodily points of the connection. Individuals with a propensity towards Ludus love would possibly have interaction in informal relationships or hookups. 

Listed here are the indicators of Ludus love:

  • Flirtatious and playful interactions
  • Relationship with out exclusivity or having a number of companions on the similar time
  • Choice towards enjoyment over severe dedication
  • Avoiding emotional intimacy
  • Aggressive for consideration

Love catalyst: Thrill 

Professional-tip: By no means underestimate the facility of Ludus love, and all the time be open for emotional funding in folks. 

4. Prgama

Individuals in Pragma love have a factor for practicality. They’re extremely real looking in how they strategy a relationship. Logic, future prospects, and compatibility are the driving forces for Pragma love. Nevertheless, practicality doesn’t imply that folks in Pragma love will not be emotionally invested within the relationships. They do care about their companions however give extra significance as to if the wants and objectives of the two people align

The priorities or wants might be monetary or social. Individuals in Pragma love would possibly contemplate the monetary stability of their companions or whether or not their buddies or household will like them. 

Listed here are the indicators of pragma love:

  • Choice for practicality over feelings
  • Selecting stability and safety in relationships
  • Approaching relationships and love with a rational mindset
  • Mutual respect for the companion.

Love catalyst: The thoughts

Professional-tip: For lasting relationships, it’s essential to have effort from each side. Subsequently, give every the required time and a focus to advance your relationship. 

5. Mania

Greek: μανία (manía)

Mania is likely one of the most unhealthy varieties of affection. It’s deemed as an obsessive type of affection. Individuals indulging on this class of affection need fixed reassurance from their companion and are emotionally depending on them. Individuals in one of these relationship usually carry the burden of one another’s emotional highs and lows

Due to the obsessive love type, unhealthy jealousy normally turns into part of the connection.

The indicators of Mania love are:

  • Intense and obsessive emotions on your companion
  • Sturdy possessiveness and jealousy
  • Concern of abandonment or rejection
  • Always in search of reassurance or validation out of your companion
  • Unhealthy expression of affection

Love catalyst: Survival intuition

Professional-tip: Maintain a verify in case your companion showcases obsessive tendencies. Whereas these would possibly really feel like indicators of real love, it’s important that you just draw a line when it will get poisonous

6. Agape

Greek: ἀγάπη (agápē)

Individuals who take pleasure in Agapic kind of relationships all the time give choice to their companion’s wants and needs. This is likely one of the most selfless and caring types of love you’ll be able to really feel. When you have such a companion, they are going to by no means need to change something about you. They are going to love you for actually who you might be as an individual. They’re additionally appreciative of the smallest gestures you do for them in love. 

Nonetheless, agapic relationships are thought of an unhealthy type of love. It is because, in agapic relationships, one of many companions would possibly all the time put their wants on the again burner. This fashion, their well-being may be affected in the long term. 

The indicators of Agape love are:

Love catalyst: Selflessness 

Professional-tip: Give your self and your wants as a lot significance as your companion. It’s very important on your well-being in the long term. 

7. Philia

Greek: ϕιλία (philía)

When you have ever questioned what sort of love you are feeling towards your mates, Philia is your reply. Philia is likely one of the most affectionate types among the many numerous kinds of love. It’s the love that you just really feel on your finest buddies. Nevertheless, it isn’t essentially restricted to that. 

One of many biggest Greek philosophers, Plato, believed Philia was one of many strongest varieties of affection. It was even stronger than Eros. Friendships can usually result in the strongest romantic relationships. Plato’s idea ultimately led to the definition of the time period platonic. 

The indicators of Philia are:

  • Belief and loyalty towards one another
  • Extremely supportive relationships
  • Primarily based on shared pursuits, beliefs, and values
  • Respecting one another’s boundaries

Love catalyst: Affinity 

Professional-tip: Honesty is the power of your relationship, and that’s why you have to be open about all the pieces that happens in your connection. 

8. Philautia

Greek: ϕιλαυτία (philautía)

Philautia is an important type of love. In easy phrases, Philautia is outlined because the love you’ve got for your self. It’s described as the love you’ve got for your self and your individual physique and thoughts. 

You may equate Philautia with excessive vanity and self-respect. Individuals who really feel these feelings take pleasure in who they’re and have a optimistic picture of themselves. Nevertheless, there’s additionally a darkish facet to Philautia, similar to all of the various kinds of love we now have seen above. The flip facet of Philautia consists of excessive obsession with one’s self and borderline narcissistic tendencies

The indicators of Philautia love are:

Love catalyst: Soul 

Professional-tip: Self-love is critical for all of the various kinds of love we now have seen above. Subsequently, it’s essential that you just domesticate the required self-respect for your self and by no means let your self or others make you are feeling such as you aren’t sufficient. 


Love is likely one of the most advanced types of human feelings. The questions on what love is and the various kinds of love have puzzled philosophers since ages. The traditional Greek philosophers have categorised love into eight differing types, and the division is related even at the moment!

Whereas understanding the assorted kinds of love, understanding that the love you are feeling on your companion would possibly change over time is crucial. You would possibly even expertise a number of kinds of love concurrently, and it’s utterly regular. In case you are in a wholesome relationship, you’ll ultimately determine issues out. 

Questioning whether or not your relationship is wholesome or not? Listed here are some crimson flags that may imply your relationship wants pressing assist.

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