Creating calm within the darker months — Anxiousness Slayer™

Factors coated on this episode:

Defend your self from expectations

Pay additional consideration to setting boundaries.

Enable time to pause and suppose earlier than committing to occasions.

Defend your power.

No thanks is a whole sentence.

Releasing resistance is a crucial a part of calming nervousness

What you resist persists. And with nervousness it doesn’t simply persist, it positive factors power. If you happen to struggle nervousness, or struggle with our unsettled thoughts we simply churn it up extra.

You should discover a place of acceptance and self-compassion whereas leaning into good self-care, particularly right now of yr for these of us going into the Winter season.

Taking efficient psychological breaks

Anxiousness could be seen as a communication. The physique and thoughts are speaking stress and concern, and we will reply by sending calming messages again to them. Respiration, yoga, QiGong and meditation let your nervous system know “It’s OK, I hear you and I’m going that will help you.”

Meditating each day reminds our cardiovascular and nervous techniques that they’re protected to chill out and unwind for a interval in time. This trains our our bodies to study the place the “off change” for our agitated minds is situated, and because of this, we’re higher in a position to handle our stress. In sum, there is no such thing as a longer any doubt that the state of the thoughts and spirit impacts the functioning of the physique (and vice versa).

– The Artwork & Science of Vedic Counselling Dr. Frawley and Dr. Kshirsagar

Standing Practices

If you happen to really feel stirred up attempt QiGong shaking, bounce on the entrance of your toes letting your weight drop onto your heels whereas shaking out your arms and palms. Increase your palms over your head and get your complete physique as unfastened as you’ll be able to whereas taking deep breaths. Let your arms come again to your sides and with toes flat on the ground bounce out of your legs and knees for a pair extra minutes.

That is an historical observe for shaking out stress and concern and excessive adrenaline states.

Watch this video on balancing feelings with QiGong by Chunyi Lynn 

Seated Practices

Spend a couple of quiet minutes massaging the calming level, whereas taking calm, regular breaths.

Or curl up someplace quiet and hearken to a Guided Mediation. There are a lot of various kinds of guided practices. It may be useful to go searching and see what you like. For instance guided respiration, or a physique scan to launch pressure, or a guided journey for deep leisure and escape. We have now 30 guided meditations on our Patreon, you’ll find them proper on the prime of our web page subsequent to our tapping Classes Assortment.

Guided Meditations

Guided relaxations and meditations ease the thoughts right into a extra peaceable state by gradual immersion on the observe, it’s the alternative of distraction, it is going to take you away from nervousness however depart you feeling higher for it. Distraction can preoccupy the thoughts for some time, however it doesn’t really feel good afterwards and we’re left to face our nervousness once more feeling extra drained and out of stability.

What else helps?

Herbs and spices that assist elevate your spirits:






Important oils:






We love Eden’s Backyard 100% pure Important Oils Hyperlink to Eden’s Backyard

Maintain heat

Take into account protecting your neck heat with a shawl, even indoors.

Sip scorching water or ginger tea between meals.

Three Ginger Tea and Calm down are two of our favourite teas from Pukka Tea.

Maintain shifting

It is easy to sit down an excessive amount of right now of yr.

Set reminders to maneuver should you discover you get caught in a chair for too lengthy.

Shifting helps the thoughts as a lot because the physique.


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