Chaining New Habits Into Routine

In case your previous makes an attempt to construct a brand new behavior have failed miserably, you aren’t alone. Most of us are on the unsuitable monitor whereas making an attempt to develop new habits. We rely an excessive amount of on our willpower or motivation to one way or the other miraculously drive us towards constructing the behavior. Sadly, that’s not the way it works. 

The great factor is you can change your new behavior formation course of utilizing a sensible method. Now you can construct new habits utilizing the proper, simple, and no-stress approach known as behavior stacking. Allow us to dive deeper into what behavior stacking means and the way you should use it to rework your life.

Habit Stacking

What’s behavior stacking? 

The time period behavior stacking was first utilized by creator SJ Scott in 2014 and was additional popularized by Atomic Habits creator James Clear. The strategy of behavior stacking means connecting your new behavior to one thing you already do usually. It’s the strategy of harnessing the facility of small common habits to develop greater habits. 

By making a cluster of small behaviors, you possibly can create psychological shortcuts to a brand new set of actions that may result in a a lot more healthy and extra profitable conduct sample. 

How does behavior stacking work?

The method of behavior stacking merely works by attaching or stacking a brand new behavior to an already current behavior. 

For example, you can begin the brand new behavior of meditating day by day by stacking it with the behavior of making ready your breakfast daily. Or you can begin making a listing of issues you’re grateful for by mentally recollecting them in the course of the time your brush your enamel. 

While you hyperlink a brand new behavior to an current one, you possibly can simply incorporate it inside your routine and reside it out in follow. For example, if you wish to run a marathon on, placing on trainers and taking them off could possibly be a tiny little behavior. Now you possibly can add two minutes of working to the routine and finally construct it from there. 

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Learn how to begin behavior stacking?

The very first thing you want firstly of the method is a transparent thought of what behavior you wish to construct and why. For instance, if you wish to begin the behavior of exercising day by day, you might want to be clear about what the reason being, like shedding weight or getting right into a wholesome way of life, and so forth. 

It will be significant so that you can have a transparent image of what behavior you wish to develop and the advantages related to it earlier than you begin the method.

Within the subsequent step, you might want to determine once you wish to carry out this behavior and stack it with an already current behavior round that point. And you might want to be tremendous particular about it.

For example:

  • “I’ll make my mattress after I brush my enamel.”
  • “On my solution to the workplace on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I’ll go to the fitness center.”
  • “I’ll learn 20 pages of a e book after I end my night tea.”

Do you see how the method works? You stack the method on high of an already current behavior, and you’ll know precisely what to do. 

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Advantages Of Behavior Stacking

Behavior stacking could make your common life far more productive by making small additions and amplifying your current routines. Somewhat than beginning the lengthy and tiring strategy of constructing a behavior from scratch, you may make optimistic additions to your current habits and convey fast and efficient adjustments.

The great thing about the method of behavior stacking lies in the truth that you possibly can make the most of habits which have already been established in your life, a lot so that you just don’t even acknowledge them as habits now. Subsequently once you cue these habits with newer ones, it’s a lot simpler to your mind to include them into your life. 


Behavior stacking is a way of behavior formation that may enable you construct new habits by harnessing the facility of the prevailing ones. We hope with this concept, you’ll be able to create wholesome and productive routines in your life. 

Atomic Habits by James Clear, who popularized the time period ‘behavior stacking,’ is full of extra such path-breaking strategies that may change your life. To examine them, click on right here.

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