A Therapeutic Journey – The Trauma and Psychological Well being Report


Sadhaka is a poem by Canadian poet and York College Affiliate Professor, B.W. Powe. It was printed in his 2016 ebook, Decoding Mud. By Sadhaka’s verses, Powe guides us on a journey that some would possibly name a path of self-discovery, non secular progress, or, for a lot of, may symbolize the processes that would unfold by way of psychotherapy and psychological well being therapeutic. 

The poem’s first verses may symbolize the confusion, the ache, the anger, the emotions of helplessness related to psychological misery. Nevertheless, the final line on this stanza might symbolize the preliminary name for assist “I wrote a letter to you”. 

I used to be in jail
unjustly jailed (I assumed)
I requested for my freedom
The jailer refused
What was my crime I requested
Every part he mentioned
Confused and indignant
I wrote a letter to you

Then the method evolves, and therapeutic work begins. Little by little, the individual makes use of the instruments and supplies they’ve been given to carry gentle to the realm of shadows and confusion.

I obtained a lamp
a drawing product of traces and circles
a ebook with empty pages –some pencils-
a scarf and a cup for rain

these and the little meals I used to be given
by way of the slot within the metal door

I learn into the darkish
mirrored on the drawing
I wrote our shapes like letters
within the morning in your clean ebook

I prayed and stored heat by the lamp
and within the scarf then I fasted
consuming solely from the small cup
crammed with water that seeped into my cell

By day I turned calm and completely satisfied
By evening I drew and skim extra
Quickly I noticed between your traces
an open area and a silence

I noticed the traces
grow to be a form like a map

Your map took me
to the crack within the flooring
I scratched and dug there
By day I prayed and skim
By evening I discovered how one can dig
my manner ahead
slowly displacing the filth
out the small barred window

Lastly, the individual is evident, sturdy, and able to depart remedy. However that doesn’t come with out uncertainty, because the final two verses state “what would I do now with a soul”. 

After I got here ultimately into
the sudden air the wind
the breath past the traces
the respiration behind the map
I knew the story lived in my fingers
I stood up
What would I do now
with a soul

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Function Picture: Geralt, On Pixabay. Inventive Commons.



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