A Conscious Inquiry: Calming the Rush of Panic


Panic impacts you not solely bodily, but in addition in your feelings and emotions. The physique and thoughts are integrally related, and infrequently when one is affected, the opposite is just too. Studying tips on how to work with the highly effective feelings and emotions that provide you with panic—akin to terror, a sense of impending doom, nervousness, fear, concern, anger, disappointment, or disgrace—might be enormously liberating to the panicked coronary heart.

As human beings, we’re all affected by feelings. Most of us like to really feel good and hate to really feel dangerous. We need to be favored and accepted and despise or concern being disliked or discounted. There’s a fantastic saying that individuals will at all times keep in mind the way you made them really feel. Human beings are feeling beings, and it might typically seem that your feelings are affected first earlier than your ideas. You may stroll right into a room and get a really feel of an individual or scenario earlier than you begin pondering and assessing the scenario to find out whether or not you are feeling snug or not.

Panicky emotions can come up as shortly as a flash of lightning and ship highly effective waves of impending doom that render you feeling uncontrolled and never realizing what to do.

Inside the physique, the emotions of panic are very distinct and visceral; there could also be fast respiration, a pounding heartbeat, and plenty of different pronounced bodily sensations. Equally panic impacts the thoughts with a robust array of feelings, emotions, and ideas. Panicky emotions can come up as shortly as a flash of lightning and ship highly effective waves of impending doom that render you feeling uncontrolled and never realizing what to do. Generally these emotions are past reasoning, for it feels as if they arrive out of nowhere. Different occasions, there could also be unacknowledged feelings, wounds, or traumas out of your previous which have but to be labored by way of with that means and therapeutic. Whether or not the origin of your panic is understood to you or not, panic impacts your physique and thoughts. Conscious inquiry meditation will help you cope with feelings and emotions of panic.

Methods to Work with the Feelings of Panic

Conscious inquiry meditation is a really helpful strategy to work with panic-stricken feelings and emotions. It’s a meditative means of inquiring into the character of what could also be fueling or driving your panic. This kind of inquiry is a type of investigation; it isn’t a means of analyzing, attempting to determine issues out, or making you are feeling higher by way of constructive pondering. It’s a deep exploration of your physique and thoughts, with a willingness to be within the unknown and the curiosity to see what’s really there.

This kind of observe takes some willingness and braveness, however in the event you actually need to know what’s fueling your panic, an investigation could sound fairly cheap. In spite of everything, what do you need to lose? It appears the one factor you need to lose is your panic. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated, “All now we have to concern is concern itself.”

As a strategy to put together you for this meditation, it’s vital to know two vital points of conscious inquiry for working with panic: acknowledgment and letting be. You’ll uncover that every helps the opposite on this means of investigation.

What to Know About Conscious Inquiry for Working with Panic

1) Acknowledge

Acknowledgment is just like one of many mindfulness attitudes: permitting. It’s the observe of validating no matter’s in your direct expertise in a matter-of-fact manner, simply as a meteorologist experiences the climate: it’s 35 levels, raining, and overcast; or it’s 75, calm, and clear. In the identical manner, if you’re feeling panicked, scared, or fearful, you straight acknowledge these emotions in your physique and thoughts whether or not you’re okay with them or not. Acknowledgment is that this capacity to see issues simply as they’re with out the filters of avoidance or greedy (disliking or liking).

2) Let It Be

Letting be is one other vital facet or high quality which you could deliver to acknowledgment. Letting be is completely different from letting go. Letting be is cultivating the flexibility to let issues run their course slightly than attempting to push them away or including on to them. What number of occasions have you ever instructed your self to let go of panic and it didn’t work? In case you may let go, you’d have. Letting be is way more accessible, because you don’t have to vary something. Letting be is studying to trip the waves of panic which are affecting you bodily, mentally, or emotionally and permitting them to run their course, identical to ripples from a rock thrown right into a lake.

Within the observe of conscious inquiry, please acknowledge no matter emotions of panic you might be experiencing within the physique and thoughts and allow them to be. Studying tips on how to drift of life is a way more skillful strategy to coping with panic than combating it. There’s a smart saying: “No matter you resist, persists.” Though at first it might really feel counterintuitive to show towards your panic and acknowledge it and let or not it’s, you might uncover quickly sufficient that as you study to go together with it slightly than combating it, it would start to dissipate.

It’s additionally vital to notice that once you start to acknowledge emotions of panic they could really really feel as if they’re getting stronger. Please know it is a regular response. The rationale why it might really feel like that’s since you’re really bringing your mild of consciousness to the panic, slightly than turning away from it. You’ll, nonetheless, uncover that in the event you proceed to trip its waves, acknowledging the emotions and letting them be, they’ll progressively subside. In time, you’ll develop in confidence, you’ll really feel empowered, and the panic won’t be able to eat or management you as a lot as earlier than. You’ll study that you simply don’t must be frightened and held hostage by your panic and fears and notice which you could dwell your life with larger ease and peace.

Investigating What Fuels Your Panic

Conscious inquiry meditation is an investigation into what’s fueling your panic, concern, or nervousness. The extra you perceive what’s driving it, the extra you might be freed from it. When your consciousness and understanding grows brighter, the darkness of panic and concern diminishes. So after acknowledging your panic and letting or not it’s, you might be welcome to proceed additional right into a deeper investigation into what’s driving the panic. That is referred to as conscious inquiry.

In time, you’ll develop in confidence, you’ll really feel empowered, and the panic won’t be able to eat or management you as a lot as earlier than.

Once you observe conscious inquiry, you might first need to attempt to calm your physique and thoughts with some conscious respiration after which start to acknowledge and let be no matter you’re feeling bodily, mentally, and emotionally. On this meditation you’ll keep and examine these emotions of panic by bringing consideration to the fearful emotions themselves. That is achieved by bringing consciousness to the sensation of panic in your physique and thoughts and letting your self expertise and examine it non-judgmentally, simply the way in which it’s. Permit your self to acknowledge what it looks like in your physique, feelings, and emotions, and let these emotions be. There’s no want to research or determine them out; simply trip and observe and expertise the waves of feelings and emotions as they arrive and go. In time you might uncover that inside these emotions of panic lie vital insights into what could also be fueling them. You may additionally notice that inside you might be large assets for resiliency and therapeutic—which you could study to beat these highly effective and captive emotions of panic and dwell with extra freedom and ease in your life.

A Conscious Inquiry Meditation for Working with Panic

In a quiet place, discover a place in which you’ll be able to be alert and comfy, whether or not seated or mendacity down. Flip off your cellphone and some other electrical gadget that would disturb you. Learn and observe the script for this guided meditation beneath, pausing after every paragraph. (Word: Earlier than starting this meditation, please think about whether or not that is the correct time so that you can do it. Do you are feeling moderately protected and open? If not, do some conscious respiration and are available again to it at one other time.)

  1. First, congratulate your self that you’re dedicating some treasured time for meditation.
  2. Turn into conscious of your physique and thoughts and no matter you might be carrying inside you. Maybe there are emotions from the day’s occasions or no matter has been occurring not too long ago.
  3. Could you merely permit and acknowledge no matter is inside you and let or not it’s, with none type of evaluation.
  4. Step by step, shift the main focus of consciousness to the breath, respiration usually and naturally. As you breathe in, pay attention to inhaling, and as you breathe out, pay attention to respiration out.
  5. Consciousness might be centered at both the tip of the nostril or the stomach, relying in your desire. If focusing on the tip of the nostril, really feel the contact of the air as you breathe out and in… If specializing in the stomach, really feel the stomach increasing on an inhalation and contracting on an exhalation.
  6. One inhalation and one exhalation at a time. Inhaling, respiration out, expertise every breath showing and disappearing. Simply breathe. And now gently withdraw consciousness from the breath and shift to conscious inquiry.
  7. Conscious inquiry is an investigation into feelings, ideas, and bodily sensations which are driving your panic, anxieties, and fears, typically beneath the floor of your consciousness. There’s a particular and distinctive manner of doing this observe that may foster the potential for deep understanding and perception.
  8. Once you observe conscious inquiry, gently direct your consideration towards the bodily feeling of panic or concern itself. Permit your self to deliver nonjudgmental consciousness into the expertise of it, acknowledging no matter it looks like within the physique and thoughts and letting or not it’s. To start this exploration you have to first verify in with your self and decide whether or not it feels protected or not. In case you don’t really feel protected, maybe it’s higher to attend and check out one other time and simply keep together with your respiration for now.
  9. If you’re feeling protected, deliver consciousness into the physique and thoughts and permit your self to really feel into and acknowledge any bodily sensations, feelings, or ideas and simply allow them to be…with out attempting to research or determine them out.
  10. You could uncover that inside these emotions there’s a mess of ideas, feelings, or outdated reminiscences which are fueling your fears. Once you start to acknowledge what has not been acknowledged, the pathway of perception and understanding could come up. As you flip towards your feelings, they could present you what you might be panicked, anxious, mad, unhappy, or bewildered about.
  11. You could study that the very resistance to unacknowledged feelings typically causes extra panic or concern and that studying to go together with it, slightly than combating it, typically diminishes them. After we say “go together with it,” we imply that you simply permit and acknowledge no matter is inside the thoughts and physique. Simply letting the waves of feelings, ideas, and bodily sensations go wherever they should go identical to the sky makes room for any climate.
  12. Now gently returning to the breath and being conscious of respiration out and in…driving the waves of the breath.
  13. As you come to the tip of this meditation, take a second to congratulate your self and take a second to understand the security and ease you might be feeling proper now which you could deliver into your day. By acknowledging your fears, you might open the chance for deeper understanding, compassion, and peace. Earlier than you rise up, gently wiggle your fingers and toes and progressively open your eyes, being absolutely right here and now.
  14. Ship some loving-kindness your manner. Could I dwell in peace. Could all beings dwell in peace.

In conscious inquiry you’re invited to deliver nonjudgmental consciousness into any panicky feelings or emotions, whether or not they’re associated to reminiscences or not, and to totally acknowledge and expertise them in your physique and thoughts and allow them to be. You could uncover that inside the panic is a complete plethora of emotions and experiences which are inflicting the agitation or no matter emotion you’re feeling. Once you start to acknowledge what has not been acknowledged, the doorway of understanding can start to open. By studying to show towards your panic, you might expertise extra freedom than you can have ever imagined.

This text was tailored from Calming the Rush of Panic, by Bob Stahl PhD, Wendy Millstine NC.

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