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Tlisted here are some heartfelt performances and vignettes on this debut characteristic from producer-turned-director Kirsty Bell and writers Elizabeth Morris and Dominic Wells – and definitely some lustrous monochrome pictures from cinematographer Sergio Delgado. However this lockdown ensemble piece a couple of film manufacturing stymied by Covid is self-conscious and doesn’t actually come collectively, and the tonal shifts generally is a little uncomfortable.

Camilla Rutherford performs Rebecca, an actor who offers an amazing efficiency in a movie shoot that wraps simply earlier than the coronavirus restrictions land, however then succumbs to despair as a result of loneliness, unemployment and suspicion that this movie won’t ever see the sunshine of day. In the meantime kindly fellow actor David (Derek Jacobi) is on their own in his south of France villa and going through issues of his personal. Editor Lucy (Morgana Robinson) is anguished as a result of she will be able to’t go to her sick mum; author Peter (Jeff Fahey) is pining for colleague Anna (Julie Dray) who has now left London for her Paris house and is going through an abusive ex-partner. And there are various different little quick tales right here, some unhappy, some hopeful, all in regards to the social splintering and imprisonment that everybody went by way of throughout lockdown.

This collective despair is a completely legitimate topic for a drama: as somebody right here says: “If we’re alone, really alone, are we actually alive in any respect?” However there’s something just a little bit laboured and unconvincing about A Chook Flew in – though Rutherford is all the time robust because the actor heading for Norma Desmond territory, ingesting closely and livestreaming her accelerating anguish on social media.

A Chook Flew in is launched on 30 September in cinemas.



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