658: Ayurveda for Your Well being and Wellbeing


Notes from this week’s episode:

What’s Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the traditional science of life. Though the title would possibly sound unfamiliar, the teachings of Ayurveda quickly really feel comfy and intuitive as you begin to study extra about your particular person nature and the way and why sure meals, environments, habits and seasons make you’re feeling higher or worse.

A pure system of therapeutic for physique and thoughts

The Charaka Samhita is taken into account one of many oldest and an important writings on Ayurveda, states:

“The physique and that which is known as the thoughts are each thought of to be abodes of illness, and likewise of well-being. The reason for well-being is their harmonious interplay.”

Ayurveda at all times sees the thoughts and physique as interwoven and inseparable, any problem with our well being entails each our physique and our thoughts.

There isn’t any “good or dangerous” physique sort. Everybody has a singular nature with its strengths and talents. When out of steadiness, all of us expertise challenges in bodily and psychological well being associated to our structure, or dosha. Ayurveda teaches us the right way to flip in the direction of steadiness with our life-style, food plan, and pure cures.

“We now have to observe the regulation of nature.” Dr. Vasant Lad

To observe the legal guidelines of nature, now we have to know them, and perceive how they apply to us.

Starting with understanding the 5 components: earth, water, fireplace, air, and ether and the way they mix in us and the whole lot round us.

The 5 Parts

Ayurveda acknowledges the 5 components (Pancha Mahabhutas) – earth, water, fireplace, air and ether.

The 5 components type our physique sort, our thoughts sort, our meals, local weather, and the environment. Every thing is produced from various combos of the 5 components.

These components mix to type three main energies or doshas: Vata (area and air), Pitta (fireplace and water), and Kapha(water and earth). Understanding the interaction of those components and doshas is the core educating of Ayurveda.

The three Doshas

The three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, are the organic energies or forces that govern the physique and thoughts. Every individual has a singular mixture of doshas, often known as their Prakriti or structure.

Vata is fashioned from air and ether

Pitta is fashioned from fireplace and water

Kapha is fashioned from water and earth

Vata is the power motion

Pitta is the power of metabolism, or transformation

And Kapha is the power of construction, it’s the framework and glue that holds issues collectively.

The Tridosha idea of Ayurveda states that well being is maintained when the three doshas are in a state of steadiness, and illness happens when there’s an imbalance. Ayurveda goals to determine the doshic imbalances and restore steadiness by means of numerous therapies and life-style changes.

A return to pure residing

We live so removed from the legal guidelines of nature that we get sick, and we do not know why, it comes as a shock to us as a result of our instinct will get buried below pushing by means of.

The three doshas that type our particular person make up carry the rules of the weather that type our universe and the world round us.

We’re made from the weather of nature. As soon as we perceive this, we are able to begin studying concerning the habits, practices, and meals that greatest assist our psychological and bodily well being.

All of us have the 5 components inside us. All of us have some fireplace, air, water, earth and ether, however we every have them in various proportions and that’s what creates our distinctive doshic make up, or structure.

Ayurveda is about nourishment on all ranges in order that we will be effectively in order that now we have power and peace of thoughts to look into the deeper which means of life.



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